Firmware upgrade on the air (OTA)

thethings.iO offer over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrade support to products manufacturers with minimal coding.

It permits you to distribute your firmware over Wi-Fi or mobile broadband using our API without requiring the user to connect the device to a computer via USB to perform the update, because firmware updates are available for download from the thethings.iO OTA service.

Firmware manager

Firmware manager permits you to manage and publish your firmwares upgrades for your thing model and microcontroller unit (MCU) through the panel. The following features will be available:

1 - Create and upload new firmware versions

2 - List all available versions

3 - Delete firmware versions

API reference

Get latest firmware version:

Query for the latest firmware informations for the model of the thing corresponding to the specified THINGTOKEN.
It will return all latest firmware registred for every micro-controller (MCU).

Download firmware:

Download the firmware using the FIRMWAREID (from the previous api call) and THINGTOKEN.