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Use a mortgage calculator to see if rising interest rates could affect your house.

The Bank Rate has been maintained at 5.25 percent by the Bank of England since August 2023. While many mortgage lenders have continued to lower rates as a result, which is excellent news for homeowners, rates are still far higher than the historic lows observed a few years ago loan calculator.

It is therefore anticipated that thousands of people may miss mortgage payments as a result of a deadly combination of increased interest rates, squeezed incomes, and job losses.

UK Finance reports that between October and December of last year, there were 93,680 homeowner mortgages in arrears of 2.5 percent or more, a 7 percent increase from the same period the previous year.

The Bank Rate has most likely peaked and is predicted to decline later this year, but thousands of homeowners who have refinanced will probably still see a large increase in their monthly payments.

To determine whether interest rate increases have put you in danger of missing mortgage payments, use our calculator.