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not receiving data

hey community, I am not receiving data from an API call into the thingsIo interface. Using an arduino, I generated a GET API call, after creating the thing in the interface I am getting a 201 created response but I can't see any data in the inteface. I've also parse the data but not luck Any advice? Thanks a lot!

milliseconds date format to startDate 'YYYYMMDDHHmmss'

is there an easy way to bring the milliseconds date format to the needed startDate 'YYYYMMDDHHmmss' format? The Date class only provides getTime() and getDate() as methods

MQTT: set a Tag

Hello, setting Values over MQTT works quite fine. setting the "name" also works. Questions: 1. which other settings than "name" are available ? 2. can you also add a "TAG" to a Thing over MQTT ? like IMEI or MAC address ?

using api in ASP.NET project

I checked the example for Things Read part, when I feel the variables there I have the results but when I copy the javascript in my ASP.NET project, everything works ok but there is no result for that? How can I solve the problem

Feature Request: Update thethingsAPI.thingRead() to support start/end/limit params

It would be great if I could use thethingsAPI.thingRead to grab more than just the most recent value from a Thing in my Cloud Code functions/jobs/etc. Please consider adding the ability to specify start/end date and limit values to customize how much data is retreived. Thanks! Nate

Customize new user emails

Is there a way for us to customize the email that is sent out when we add new users via the Apps Manager? It would also be great if we could send the email out separately from creating the users. This would allow us to create users, configure permissions and other setup and then send out the welcome email when we are ready for the user to start using the system.

Object access: /classes/me vs /classes/app

We are looking to share objects between subsets of users in our app. Is there a way to allow a user to share objects they've stored using /classes/me with other users (similar to how they can share resources), or a way to restrict access to objects created with /classes/app to a subset of users instead of ALL users of the app?

Store Cloud Code Functions in source control

Hi, Is there anyway to load/store Cloud Code Functions from/to a source code repository? If not, please consider this a feature request. :) Even if the provided online code editor stored previous revisions of a function that would be great. Thanks!

Managing devices Smockeo / Cobject - Sigfox

Hello, Having to manage smoke detectors Smockeo made by COBJECT on Sigfox ( https://www.smockeo.com/en/ ) Is thethings.io suitable for connecting and managing those devices ? Many thanks, Gilles

Things inbound messages

Hi Does the platform support sending messages to the thing device? for example a end user log via an app and one of the option is to send message to the end device (thing e.g esp8266 ) that will cues it to execute a predefined code?