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Here you'll find everything you need to get started or go deep on developing IoT Products, Applications and Services with the thethings.iO IoT Platform.

Specific Help with Coding

If you need specific help to code your device, app, etc. You have to use Stack Overflow, a question and answer site for programmers.

If you don't get any response from the community, then you can send to us the url of the question and we'll try to answer ASAP.

Device Development

Where can I find your public root certificates to flash them at the firmware?

You can get them at this page: Root Certificates.

You can also get the chain bundle certificates at this page: thethings.iO Public chain Certificates.

If you need more information about our certificates, like protocols and cipher suites accepted you can check our certificates at this site: SSL Test Analisis.

Problems with Curl

The command curl, could be a bit problematic in windows systems. If you have problems using curl, please, try to google it or search at Stackoverflow.

curl - -request POST - -url "" - -data "{\"values\":[{\"key\": \"Test\",\"value\": \"Hello\"}]}" -k

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