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Here you'll find everything you need to get started or go deep on developing IoT Products, Applications and Services with the thethings.iO IoT Platform.

Panel Overview

Our Platform provides you a device monitoring and App management Global Panel. Manage all your IoT products and applications in one beautiful Panel. It also provides powerful analytical tools that are fully customizable to deliver the information that you need to make decisions.

Panel sections

  • Main Dashboard. Will show you metrics of your apps and devices, and their activity. The metrics and data on the Panel dashboard are fully customizable on demand for Enterprise accounts.
  • Things Manager. At this section you manage and configure your devices.
  • Apps. It's where you define how your App operates with the Platform and your IoT products.
  • Cloud Code. Manage and code automatic jobs, triggers and functions to process your data when it is received from the device.
  • Users Manager. Here you can create new users and configure access permissions.
  • Custom Brand. Set up your own company brand.

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Panel Overview

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