Spotit Service

Sigfox provides a location service based on deep learning and signal strength databases. The following callback body should be used in order to transfer the device location from the Sigfox spotit service:


A callback has a set of common variables:

  • device: device identifier (in hexadecimal – up to 8 characters <=> 4 bytes). Required.
  • lat and lng: device location calculated by the Spotit service or the GPS of the device (in single precission). Required.
  • others: time, duplicate, snr, station, data, avgSnr, rssi, seqNumber and radius. Optional.

Add "geo/" after the "sgfx/" in your device group subscription URL from{device}&lat={lat}&lng={lng}

Now, when a device sends data, the callback sends to thethings.iO all your device data that you specified in the previous url. After that, all the specified variables get parsed and stored with the same name, except for the latitude and longitude:

The latitude / longitude pair get saved in two different resources:

  • Spotit: A geolocated resource, useful for creating path maps.
  • $geo: This resource is stored inside the thing description and allows creation of a map, geolocating multiple things.